3 hour Mackerel Fishing Trips Daily from Portrush


causeway lass from the air

3 Hour mackerel trips out to the sand banks off the Causeway Coast. Ideal for first time ‘fishers’ and great for families with children who want to catch some fish for the BBQ. Mackerel fishing has proved very popular with families where children enjoy learning where real fish actually comes from and how it is caught. If you don’t fancy fishing – bring a book or simply enjoy the fresh sea air and breathtaking views of the Coast.

Children of all ages love mackerel fishing and parents enjoy re-living childhood memories, so we offer 3 hour mackerel trips which run daily, weather permitting.

Click here to book a trip – or contact Skipper Richard Connor 07712115751

child-on-causeway-lassThe Skipper & His Crew are very patient and good with children – There aim is to see them happy and catch lots of fish – and this applies to adults too! No need to worry about never having been boat fishing; our fish-wise friendly skipper will be on hand with tips and advice and in no time you will be hooked, and you get to keep what you catch!

We provide you with everything you need including Fishing rod, tackle and bait. All you have to do is turn up with warm and weatherproof clothing.

“Causeway Lass” leaves Portrush harbour daily at 10am, 2pm and 6pm.

2017 Price is £30.00 for adults, £20.00 for children 8-18 and £10 children under 8. All fishing kit and lifejackets are supplied. Family and Large group rates apply.

We run daily Mackerel trips from April through to the end of October.

The record weight for a M3 hour Mackerel Fishing ackerel is 6lb 2oz which was caught in 1984, at over 6lb thats one large fish! The biggest we have ever caught was over 2.5lb. They are related to tuna fish, so large ones will give a really strong fight!

these are super fishing trips to take beginners and children out on. the excitement of hitting a line full of mackerel is priceless and will stay with them for years to come. Many of our now ‘serious’ anglers started fishing mackerel with us, seems they caught the fishing bug!


Remember to bring a jumper on even the warmest days, fishing tuition and guidance is gladly given free of charge.

kids-causeway-lassMackerel fishing tips:

When you first put your feathers over the side of the boat you do not know where in the water column the mackerel will be found. What you do is to count the feathers down. Take your thumb off the spool and count to five, stop the drop and work the rod up and down a few times, if the familiar vibration of mackerel hitting the feather lures is not felt, continue the drop for another five seconds, work the rod and so on till you find the fish. After you have found the fish, at for example fifteen seconds down. You can easily and quickly return to that depth by counting your feathers down.

Another tip learned from experience, is to use a heavier sinker than you might think is really necessary. Two reasons, one is that the heavier sinker will get the feathers down to the mackerel much quicker and secondly it will help prevent tangles, especially if it is likely that your string of feathers can be swept under the boat to tangle with another angler on the other side of the boat. Believe me you do not want to waste time untangling two strings of multi hooked feathers.