When can I book?
How do we get to Portrush harbour?
Where can I stay in Portrush?
How many passengers can we carry?
How fast is the boat?
Do you take individuals?
How much will it cost?
What happens if the charter is cancelled?
Must I ring before the trip?
Do you provide bait?
What tackle should I bring?
Do you have hot drinks on board?
Is there a toilet on board?
What clothing should I bring?
What if I haven’t fished very much before?
Can the boat be chartered for purposes other than angling?

Q. When can I book?

A. For booking which require an immediate response we recommend a direct call to the Boat: 0771 211 5751 or email causewaylass@yahoo.com

Q. How do we get to Portrush Harbour?

By Car -From the A26 take Causeway Street to Portrush. Turn left the junction with Eglinton street, take the next right onto Kerr street and simply watch for harbour on your right.in the Harbour there is free parking for 50 cars.
Satnav postcode is BT56 8DF

Q. Where can I stay in Portrush?

A. There is a whole range of accommodation from hotels through guest houses to the camp site, depending on your budget. Some of the hotels and guest houses have been specialising in Angling parties for many years, and are fully familiar with the needs of anglers. Ramada Hotel or the Avarest bed and breakfast.

Q. How many passengers can we carry?

A. We are licensed for 12 passengers and 2 crew. Causeway Lass meets all the M.C.A requirements and is licensed and insured to operate up to 60 miles from any safe haven. Ensuring that Causeway Lass is capable of fishing any where in northern Irish, Donegal and Scottish waters.

Q. How fast is the boat?

Causeway Lass is Powered by Twin Perkins 240hp engines given a cruising speed of 18 knots and is licensed for 14 persons 12 passengers plus 2 crew and is the ultimate Offshore Fishing/Diving machine at its Finest!. It is purpose built with the needs of the Anglers/Divers in mind. The modern hull profile provides greater stability and sea keeping than the normal boat hulls. This means that the boat does not roll around as much and with the huge deck space of 21ft x 14ft provides ample space for everyone to fish in comfort. The two Turbo-Charged diesel engines provide power to drive the boat at a top speed of 24 knots with full load.The boat is fully equipped with the latest hi-tech electronics.

Q. Do you take individuals?

A. Yes I do.I will always try to accommodate individuals anglers keep an eye on the front page of my website for scheduled individual spaces on trips.

Q. How much will it cost?

A. depending on time and distance covered. details are in this websites specialist pages, mackerel fishing- full day trips- Tope shark trips.

Q. What happens if the charter is cancelled?

A. If the trip is cancelled prior to setting out due to bad weather (skipper’s decision), I will do my best to re schedule the trip. If you decide to cancel then you are expected to pay for the trip. A cancellation of a booking requires 14 DAYS NOTICE.

Q. Must I ring before the trip?

A,Yes you must ring the skipper 2 nights before to check on the weather condtion for fishing day.Best time to ring is from 6pm to 7.30pm on 07712115751

Q. Do you provide bait?

A. I will always have some salted mackerel bait on board. You can buy bait locally from the tackle shops. Mackerel can usually be caught whilst fishing, but you can’t count on it!

Q. What tackle should I bring?

You will need some good tackle. For those that do not have their own, we are pleased to supply this from our on-board Penn hire rods and tackle.

The weights we use range from 10 oz to 1.5 lb. These we can supply on-board, however we recommend that you make your own, if possible, as some wrecks there is the potential to loose lead weights.

During the months of June to Jan, the pollack arrive in large shoals chasing and gorging themselves on the large shoals of sprats that can be found around the many wrecks off the North coast. These fish provide excellent sport on light tackle, ranging in size from 8 to 17 lbs. As you can see from the photographs there are good-sized fish to be landed. This species is usually caught on the drift and once hooked will put up an incredible scrap, starting with a power dive, which will leave the angler feeling he has hooked a passenger lift descending to the seabed. It is not uncommon to have two or three anglers hooked into fish each drift.

Tackle required: To get the best from these fish it is recommended that light tackle be used. A 12lb to 20lb class boat rod will fit the bill. The reel should be loaded with 18lb to 25lb lines.

Terminal tackle should consist of a tube boom to carry the weight. Long flowing traces should be used of anything up to 20ft in length. It is preferable to make this trace in two sections with a small swivel midway to alleviate some of the twisting and kinking. Hooks should be razor sharp and should be 5/0 or 6/0’s fitted to the intended bait

Baits required: The baits generally used for Pollack fishing are artificial eels. Red Gills, Sidewinders, Delta Eels, Jelly worms all catch loads of fish. The predominant colours tend to be Black; crimson and orange with small eels preferred during the summer months. Sand eel fished on a long trace will also catch. Muppets, leadheads small jigs all have their time and it is worth bringing a selection along if the Pollack are being awkward

Q. Do you have hot drinks on board?

A. Yes. We have free coffee, tea etc. And also have a microwave on board should one of your favourite pies need warming up

Q. Is there a toilet on board?

A.Yes there is a toilet on board / washroom with running water

Q. What clothing should I bring?

A. Wellingtons, waterproofs, and something warm to wear (fleeces are ideal) even on a warm day. (don’t forget the suntan cream ,and a hat) The cabin is heated so we can warm up on those cold days.Please bear in mind that it is normally a couple of degrees cooler at sea in the summer

Q. What if I haven’t fished very much before?

A. Don’t worry we have fully qualified full time crew man on board to help you, Connor is a excellent angler and is a very knowledgeable, he will soon have you Catching the fish, allowing myself to make sure the boat is in the right spot, at the end of the day we will prepare your fish for the taking home if required.

We are the only boat in Portrush to have a full time crewman – We’ll have you reeling the the fish onboard Causeway Lass in no time at all

Q. Can the boat be chartered for purposes other than angling?

A. Yes, Wreck fishing- Ground fishing- Scottish and Donegal Trips -Corporate Hospitality,Stag/Hen parties- Sightseeing Mini Cruises- Birthday Parties- sightseeing, ferry service- Diving -Work Boat And for TV Camera boat. Please apply for prices