Finn MacCool

Finn MacCool BushmillsThe great mythological hero Fionn MacCumhaill is still a well-known figure on the north coast. Fionn was the leader of the heroes and warriors of the Fianna,and the central figure in the Fionn Cycle of stories,largely dating to the 12th century but based on earlier texts stretching back to the 8th century.

These tales remained immensely popular in Ireland and Scotland to the end of the 19th century. Fionn and his fellow heroes, especially his son Oisin and grandson Oscar and his chief enemy Goll MacMorna, became linked with many natural features in the Irish landscape. Today Fionn is most celebrated as the builder of the Giant’s Causeway. It is difficult to ascertain precisely when he became attached to this dramatic natural feature.

It is known, however, that in the 19th century the local guides to the Causeway raised the creation of myths to levels befitting a major local industry for the tourist trade.

Fionn and some of the other figures, are alive and well, and still helping to promote our premier Irish tourist attractions!