From large sailing ships to small steam coasters your expert guide will relate the details of many of the known wrecks along our coast, whilst adding interesting facts about their location and the fate of their cargoes and crews.

Our coastline is littered with ships that have succumbed to storms and maritime disasters.  At very low tides the remains of the wreck of the Devereux can sometimes be seen protruding from the sands at Portrush’s White Rocks Beach.  The sailing ship ran aground with a cargo in timber as it made its way from Quebec in Canada to Belfast in 1864.

Join Portrush harbourmaster and respected local historian Robert Anderson on this unique cruise recalling stories of shipwrecks, many almost totally forgotten, along this part of the famous Causeway coast.

TRIP DATES/TIMES 4 hours.  Contact us for dates/times
WEAR Comfortable warm weatherproof clothing and sturdy footwear.

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