6 Hour Deep-Sea Fishing Trips

This fantastic 6 hour trip is ideal for your fishing club, or for a bit of friendly competition with friends.

Cost for a boat charter is £360.00 and boat can take x12 people + crew. Fishing rods hire, tackle and bait is all included. Boat typically leaves Portrush Harbour at 10am and returns at 4pm.

Trips can be tailored for different species of fish – Reefs and Sandbanks for mixed species, Offshore pinnacles for big pollock & Ling, Skate & Ray and summertime shark fishing.

In 2019 we landed 36 different species of fish, and we’ve the record for multiple Irish specimen fish.  We regularly catch spurdog between 12-19lb (5.4-8.6kg), ling of 22lb (10lb) and pollock of 10-16lb (4.5-7.3kg).